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Should Christians Vote for Democrats?

Published about 1 month ago • 1 min read

Should Christians Vote for Democrats?


“Don’t become partners with those who reject God. How can you make a partnership out of right and wrong? That’s not partnership; that’s war. Is light best friends with dark? Does Christ go strolling with the Devil?”
– 2 Corinthians 6:14-15 (MSG)

I’ve heard Pastors say, “It doesn’t matter who a Christian votes for or what political party they support. We’re just called to love Jesus.” Uh, sorry senorita. That’s spiritual-sounding stercore tauri.

I think it does matter. If a political party is cool with…

  1. Murdering unborn babies (Hos. 13:16; Ezk. 23:29).
  2. Same-sex marriage (Rom. 1:18-28; Mt. 19:3- 6).
  3. Teaching 5–9-year-olds that sodomy and transgenderism is groovy (Lk. 17:1-2).
  4. Declaring only white people are pure evil when everyone, outside of Christ, is radically corrupt (Rom. 3:9-18).
  5. Bowing to godless foreign countries that hate America (Ezk. 28:9).
  6. Allowing a lawless invasion of our Southern border (1 Tim. 1:9; Rom. 13:1-5).
  7. Being unable to define what a woman is (Gen. 1:26-28).
  8. Big dudes competing against smaller women in sports (Prov. 20:23).
  9. Forcing little children to wear ineffective face masks and take ineffective vaccines (2Jn. 12).
  10. Publicly booing God at their National Convention (Isa. 1:4; Prov. 24:24).

If a political party does the aforementioned (and supports many other anti-biblical policies) then they are officially raging against righteousness and a Christian would be sinning if they supported that garbage (Prov 4:14; Jas 4:17).

Governments are supposed to protect and praise what is good and punish what is evil. That’s “good and evil” as defined by the word of God and not Netflix (Rom 13:1-5; 1Pet 2:13-15). When a government ceases to do that then the Christian is duty-bound not to support those less than civil magistrates (Acts 5:29).

Doug Giles is Pastor of Liberty Fellowship in Wimberley, TX, and is the founder of

Follow Doug on Instagram and Twitter @TheArtOfDoug.

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